Saturday, 12 April 2014

... Crouch With Tigers, Hide With Dragons: Scratching Those Itchy Feet!

I'm currently planted in the International departure lounge of YVR with, what I will likely regret later, a venti soy Chai Latte as I wait to board the Air Canada 767 flight to Beijing! According to the seating plan I've only got one person to leap over like a Ninja when my walnut-sized bladder protests. 

Everything was done fashionably late, as always, and yet I still managed to get to the airport, warp speed through security as the only person in the line, grab a Starbucks and get to my gate in less than half an hour. Two hours ago I was packing, or rather cramming, stuff into a 35L air compression sack. No checked luggage for me!

In just over an hour I will begin a 12.5 hour flight to the start of my newest adventure! I will be crouching with tigers and hiding with dragons whilst exploring the highlands of the Himalaya, possibly drinking yak butter tea (sounds mildly disgusting, but I have still been suggested to try it) and starring in a Bollywood movie, leading me to be somewhat Lost in Translation for a whole 32 days!

Stay tuned* for all my adventures in China, Nepal, India & Japan!
*the Great Firewall of China permitting

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