Monday, 2 January 2012

... Tanzania: Home!... FINALLY!

No matter how great an adventure you always feel kind of excited as the clouds break and you see familiar turf appear below you as you make your descent.

For me it took:
* More than 37hrs
* 3 airports (JRO-NBO-AMS)
* One very strange row buddy who insisted on admiring himself in any reflective surface and taking up half of my personal space with his elbows
* Far too much time spent in airports waiting for connecting flights to the point where you start wandering aimlessly around looking for things to amuse yourself. You will find humor in anything if you're exhausted enough!

* Two trips to Starbucks... it had to be done!
* The purchase of $83 Belgian chocolates for gifts, which quite frankly had better be the best tasting chocolate EVER!

* Overdoing it just a tad in the perfume store when doing the necessary depongification. Good job I love Marc Jacobs "Daisy" although others however might not.
* Having to queue with over 200 other people on your flight at the gate to clear security all because someone somewhere thought that this is actually a good idea
* An "is she dead or actually just sleeping?" row buddy whom I was envious of as I tried to contort myself into a comfortable sleeping position in my seat
* An Anatomy & Physiology chapter on the Nervous System & The Brain prompting someone to ask me if I was a Doctor and me to reply "No, but I should be"
* Having to queue at Agriculture for Customs with all my wood products which were of course all wrapped like a mummy yet still getting out of the airport before most people on my final flight! Thank you Travel Gods!
* A lot of spinach. Apparently we Vegetarians only want to be served spinach during our inflight meals... All of them. May be I was assumed to be suffering from an iron deficiency? Still, I think I may be off spinach for a little while.

And now a pile of unpacking, laundry, downloading/uploading pics and sorting out something for dinner awaits. I've got to move off the sofa first. My body doesn't seem to be communicating with my brain however. Plus I have two 4-legged "kids" glued to either side of me like limpets. It might take me a while.

It's good to be home!

Thank you to all those who so generously supported my quest to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis by trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro through both donation and words of support. At time of going to press I have raised over £800! For those of you who would still like to donate you still can! The donation page will remain open for a few more months.

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