Saturday, 17 December 2011

... Tanzania: Leaving On A Jet Plane... Again

For an "itchy feet..." trip things have been running über smoothly. There has to be a hitch.... Right?!? As per usual everything was pretty much last minute. But when has it ever been any other way!?

Das Hund to the Rex. ☑ Le chat playing Judas in another home (mucho thanky vous to the Brookster!) ☑ Packed my life into a backpack & daypack for the next 16 days. ☑ Passport. ☑ ETicket printed. ☑ Relevant currency. Well kind of. You're not allowed to import or export Tanzanian schillings. I was a bit disappointed at first as my exchange almost made me a millionaire. But then I thought about how uncomfortable that would feel in a money belt. Greenback will suffice for now and thus save my lumbar spine. ☑ (plus it's not that cool saying "I'm almost a millionaire") Yellow fever certificate. ☑ Everything else... Erm... ☑

I have managed to somehow bypass my former Nation's favourite pastime - queuing. We Brits have made that a National sport all of our own. I never thought I would be grateful to be plucked "randomly" for security screening. The slight inconvenience of having my hands wiped and dubiously tested allowed me to skip the rather long and 3-lanes-thick queue at security and join the Nexus line. And *boom*...through in the blink of an eye. It was probably one of my quickest treks through security ever!

And so we board the KLM flight bound for Amsterdam in about 10 minutes time. I know I'm British and devoid of emotion but I can feel the excitement bubbling at the surface. I might just need to do a little fist pump. These itchy feet are off to Tanzania for Christmas & the New Year to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plus raise some much needed moolah for Multiple Sclerosis in the process.

This one's for you John.

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