Thursday, 18 August 2011

... Egypt: Ready, Set, Go!

A Nic-trip wouldn't be a Nic-trip without some form of drama... How about locking oneself out of their apartment building because one has grabbed the wrong set of keys? Namely the set missing the fob needed to get back up onto the fourth floor.

Being asked, "is there anything I can do to help?" probably wasn't the best question to be asking me at that moment in time judging by the response. Even the pooch bore the brunt of my frustration and all he wanted to do was take his morning trip to the bathroom. No wonder he had a bout of tight bum syndrome after that! Sorry Chip!

The travel Gods, likely after much mirth & merriment, decided to cut me a break. I don't believe 10 minutes passed before the 3rd person I came into contact with came down in the elevator and was able to send me up to the fourth floor. Much quicker than any previous incidents... Oh yeah, this isn't the first time this has happened..... You'd think I'd learn... Apparently not. My excu... Errrr... Defense is that my brain is recovering from the shock of exam mode.

And so Das Hund is at the Doghouse waiting to head to The Rex for 10 days of doggie bliss. Le chat, after leaving me with a few war wounds, was eventually stuffed into the cat carrier and is being pampered at Urban Tails.

And me? I've just stuffed my face with a rather delish breakfast whilst listening to the planes take off overhead. T minus 2.5 hours Vancouver - Toronto - London Heathrow - Cairo.

Itchy feet are ready to be scratched......

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