Saturday, 21 May 2011

... San Francisco: A Golden Girl, An Aphrodite

"Can you feel me in stereo?"

Itchy feet were up bright & early this morning to drop das hund off for his early one-night check in at the Rex and then it was straight to YVR to catch a quick flight with WestJet down to San Francisco for me.

After feeling like I was being blown out of the sky as we approached SFO, traveling by the BART system to Union Square in downtown San Francisco was quite literally a breeze.

The sun was shining in a beautifully blue sky, a stark contrast to the cold & wet Vancouver I had left earlier, and my hotel, simple yet very clean & accommodating, was a short walk away in Chinatown.

"Dance, It's all I wanna do. So won't you dance"

"Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour" is the twelfth concert tour of Ms. Kylie Minogue in support of her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite and San Francisco was the penultimate stop in the U.S portion. Having last seen Kylie in NYC back in 2009, I was waiting with baited breath for tickets to go on sale back in January for her new tour... my payment details were already pre-entered into the online booking system.

And here I was only a few hours away from what I knew would be a visual & auditory experience of maximum wattage. The best way to pass the time? Head down to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, queue for 3.5 hours in the sun and try & fit in a bit of study (once a nerd....) in the hope that once the doors opened I would be somewhat in a position to get pretty close to the stage.

How does right. at. the. very. front sound? My runner's legs did me proud as I sprinted past some rather interesting fancy dress (and some rather interesting "normal" dress) to score myself a spot against the barrier in front of the stage. A DJ kept the crowd pumped then the lights dimmed and a roar filled the room... let the spectacle begin!

Retro chic was taken to dizzying extremes through a passion for Ancient Greece and Rome in the form of some stunning set pieces. Here I was singing (albeit badly) and grooving along to a peerless conjurer of pop spectacle. Yet again, as she did back in 2009, Kylie demonstrated that, when it comes to the classier brand of arena kitsch, she, not Lady Gaga, remains authority supreme.

She had the audience wrapped around her little finger. I suspect this is a result of her authenticity and down-to-earth persona has always made her one of the most likeable of pop divas and showgirls.

You just knew that all eyes were on her as she was in amazing form as both entertainer and singer, absolutely in command, changing dresses as quickly as some people change their mind.

She might be a bit of a cult popstar in the U.S. but yet again Kylie Minogue kicked Madonna's pilate'd arse out of the park. Wow wow wow wow!

Truly a Golden Girl, an Aphrodite.

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