Saturday, 4 December 2010

... Patagonia: Just A Little Touch Of Star Quality

There are usually plenty of subtle clues to tell that this is the "last day" of a trip.

You fancy that "one last good meal" before you submit your digestive system to the abuse of junk food at the airport and something that you most likely will have to pep talk yourself into eating on a plane. Choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner is usually based on time of departing flight. So you open your wallet and if you're lucky a couple of notes might fall out along with the shrapnel which has already been allocated a spot in the souvenir draw or the charity collection envelope on the flight.

Great! There's enough here for the downpayment on a Mars Bar. Winner!

My last day in Buenos Aires wasn't quite that bad but my body was telling me it deserved a day off from making any substantial effort. It was, admittedly, greatly helped by the fact I'm still getting over being sick. A day of window shopping, people watching and coffee drinking sounded like a great way to spend the day. And so I did! I expertly ordered my non-fat cappucino and watched the world tango by.

It was time for these itchy feet to bid a fond adios to Buenos Aires and the great Patagonian adventure.

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