Thursday, 18 November 2010

... Patagonia: Who Shot JR?

... I have a job for you!

Dallas Int'l Airport is currently a strong contender for my prestigious accolade of "Most Loathed Airport". But then I remember LAX and MIA... nothing is going to knock those suckers off top spot. Besides, DFW has the Skyrail that you can ride aimlessly on until someone decides to actually post your flight on the board with its departure gate. You could easily kill a few hours there. Only problem was I didn't really have a lot of time to kill. The person who posts the flights with corresponding gate numbers onto the board apparently missed the memo. Mine wasn't the only flight either.

I finally got the gate number from a piece of paper. Wow! There's technology for you!

Now correct me if I am wrong but since when did the middle seat of the centre seats equal the window seat that I had requested (as I always do)? And who in their right mind would seat someone like me in front of three Devil spawn?  I strongly felt that Simon Says needed to be put where the Simon really shouldn't say. I was not impressed. At least 10 hours to go and already spawn #1 was kicking at the back of my chair. Aren't they supposed to stick them in the cargo hold or something!?!

But the icing on the cake was departing thirty five minutes late because our flight had to WAIT for connecting passengers & their luggage from LAX. People! This is why you get an EARLIER flight. I have never ever heard of anything quite so insane!?! "Well you see if we didn't wait they'd have to go through Miami or wait until tomorrow as we're the only flight". And your point is? Can you imagine if every plane did that? Myself & every other passenger that had boarded on time were of the same thinking. "Too bad so sad. Ludicrous speed. NOW!" Both myself and the lady next to me had come from LAX... But we caught flights so that we wouldn't be holding up a 777.

All this even before they got my meal wrong.... American Airlines seemed to think that the vegan meal I ordered would be covered by giving me chicken pasta, salad with a cheese-containing dressing and some crackers.  Having said that the chicken was very likely petroleum product. Shame really because I am one of those weirdos that likes airplane food!

Thirty-three going on seventy, it was time to retire my cranky pants for the day. I retreated to my make-shift blanket-over-head cave and fell into a numb-bum induced coma somewhere near Lima, Peru.

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