Thursday, 18 November 2010

... Patagonia: On Her Majesty's Sce-NIC Service

I *think* I'm currently somewhere near Tucson, Arizona. However, the location of this blog post is approximate and no doubt by the time I finish typing it will be vastly incorrect. That is because I am currently flying American Airlines flight #2442 at a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet to DFW at several hundred miles per hour. I am... somewhere... over some kind of desert an hour into my 2 hour 50 minute flight.

Welcome to the wonderous technology that is inflight wi-fi! How cool is that!?! I'm sure that many of you are thinking "You've only just discovered that?"  What can I say? I'm a techno-peasant by most people's standards. Crikey, I've been giving mini-fist pumps at the fact my newish Blackberry has wi-fi!

I feel like James Bond... albeit in my shoebox size space in economy class. Yes, even vertically challenged people like myself need some leg room - especially when our feet can touch the floor. I look more "dragged through a hedge backwards" than debonair. However, perhaps I should order a martini? US$6!?!?! OK, a free orange juice then. I suspect that will only come shaken when we go through turbulance.

"Roger", my Moore-esque right eyebrow will no doubt continue to have what must look like a seizure until we land.

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