Sunday, 28 November 2010

... Patagonia: Hike B*tch Hike!

My iliotibial bands quite possibly hate me right now. They can join an ever-growing list of body parts I'm sure. One might think that having certain parts of you feeling like they're on fire would perhaps deter you from going on yet another hike. Add to that the weather had changed: it was very windy and trying to rain.  Still it wasn't cold and I am willing to bet my little Miss A-Type personailty was in charge this morning. This is, after all, the very same person who has a motivational picture that reads "Run B*tch Run!" Not long after breakfast I began a 10km hike that would take me along parts of Lago Grey and to a lookout for Glaciar Grey.

The hike followed a relatively easy trail despite the blustery winds. At certain points you could see the deep grey lake and turquoise-blue icebergs that had resulted from the glacier up ahead calving thunderously into the water.

As I reached the lookout point for this hike you work out what “the Camino de Los Vientos" means... and then some. Even more so when you suspect that the 3 measley pictures you managed to take with your tiny point n' shoot are all blurred because you can barely hold your camera steady, you are blown onto your backside when you rapidly decide "OK enough, I don't need to see this glacier that badly even if it is is the largest glacier inside the national park" and your sunglasses are blown off your face and get intimate with rock. Path of the Wind?!?!  Try wind tunnel of aerodynamic testing standards! It was a hand-knee-bum shuffle descent and thankfully my glasses were waiting near the bottom albeit with a chunk missing from the bottom of the lens.  Oh well, all part of the 50 km Chilean Patagonian hiking experience!

Arrival back in Puerto Natales at around 330pm via catamaran/mini-bus meant a hot shower, a warm comfy bed and more importantly a lovely java at Patagonia Dulce! Hey the wind blew me in. Oh and that horse-bear type mascot thing? It's a giant prehistoric sloth!

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