Friday, 12 November 2010

... Patagonia: "I will come again, and I will be millions"...

... stated Eva Perón in 1952, shortly before her death.

A country famous for its seductive tango, Diego Maradona, the ballpoint pen, fighting the British over the Islas Malvinas, immense international debt and its Wilderness to name but an extremely small few, Argentina, some claim, will sink its hooks into you like a corkscrew fighting to open a bottle of Malbec. If you have to leave you WILL return.

And I am. Once I finish work at 0500hrs tomorrow I will be heading straight to YVR to begin my newest adventure.

With a pitstop in California, my itchy feet are taking me to the End of The Earth: A return to the wonderful Buenos Aires, long overdue even at three years, followed by a trek through some of the most jaw-dropping natural wonders of the world that encompasses both Argentinean & Chilean Patagonia and finishing in the Land of Fire, ironically the last real point of civilization before the Land of Ice.

Want to come marching with some penguins.....?

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