Monday, 5 July 2010

... Mexico: Itchy Feet Take The Plunge

Somewhat uncharacteristically for this little Miss A-Type, I didn't plan this trip a few weeks ahead... try more like a few days. What on earth had gotten into me?!? Thank heavens I didn't need any shots or pills and that I had a valid passport. I had decided I need to get my itchy feet submersed in some warm water for a week and it was Mexico that I decided on. I figured it was my diamond in the rough covering the 4 C's: Cheap, Cheerful, Convenient and Carribean!

This trip meant I also had not one but two "kids" to take care of and ironically the newest addition is of Mexican descent. See! It was a sign. Gracie was in the usual excellent hands of very good friends. Chip, however, needed a little more thought especially as he is a rescued chihuahua from the mean streets of L.A. I discovered a wonderful family-owned & operated facility where I knew he'd be well taken care of and thrive during his stay. He was getting better digs than me!

The trip began in usual Nic-stylee through the US of A with a quick flight to DFW then onwards to Cancún. As quickly as I arrived there I planned to leave it and travel down the coast to Playa del Carmen to take a few steps off the pre-packaged path. There is good scuba diving in Playa and whilst it cannot compete with Cozumel the fresh water cenote diving more than makes up for it. It had me sold!

Oh and did I mention the sharks that I was planning to snorkel with?

My itchy feet were gonna need a bigger boat!

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