Tuesday, 6 July 2010

... Mexico: Eat More Carrots

You know signs are a lot more obvious in broad daylight.  It would appear that I wasn't the only one who had a problem with them last night. My driver didn't seem to have a bloody clue either. I certainly hoped he wasn't expecting a tip!?!

After landing in a tropical cyclone (as I found out today per the news), getting ripped off and driven around Playa in circles for at least 45 minutes, my luggage & I were dumped at the South end of the town with nothing more than a sheepish smile. He got sin punta from me.

Despite the risk of monstrous roaming charges I decided I needed the aid of Google Maps & GPS on my phone more than a Facebook status update. Finally, I had some kind of idea of where I currently was. At least it was Playa del Carmen - the driver had got that much right. I figured I should probably head north along Quinta Avenida, the main street. It was, of course, the walk that never seemed to end. The torrential rain was soaking me to the bone and I looked more like a drowned rat than a happy traveler.

"Must. Engage. Brain."

I dashed into a hotel and asked for help. At last a map even if at that moment in time, to me, it was the most confusing map I had ever set eyes on. Navigating this map to find my digs, loaded with two backpacks, in the downpour was no easy feat and I was only supposed to be walking a couple of blocks. Especially not when I quite possibly walked past my lodgings several times in the space of what felt like hours because I couldn't see a sign. I finally enlisted the help of the tourist police. I didn't bother attempting to translate the fact that I had been walking in a circle with a one block diameter for the last little while. I have some pride.

My host couldn't believe his eyes. "Oh you poor child." I was ushered inside, dried off & fed before settling down in my lovely room with a very comfy bed.

At last something positive!

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