Sunday, 11 July 2010

... Mexico: Adiós México

It seemed that almost as quickly as I arrived it was time to leave. This time though I was adamant that my return trip to Cancún was not going to require me to take out a second mortgage. I had already done my research prior to this trip and I triple checked a day or so in advance to make sure I could indeed avoid a repeat performance of being ripped off.

The ADO Aeropuerto Bus runs a frequent service between Cancún and Playa with only 40 minutes between buses during the peak times. My only complaint would be if you land later than the last bus from Cancún like I did upon my arrival then you'll quite possibly run into the same problems as I did.

It was a glorious morning the day of my departure. After having a rather lush breakfast of freshly baked bread and tropical fruit in the garden of my guest house it was time to leave. I walked all the way from one end of Playa to the other in the sweltering heat loaded up with two backpacks only to find out later there was a bus station 4 blocks from where I was staying....Oops.

Driving back north to Cancún is about a 1hr drive and considerably cheaper than the rip off taxi/mini-vans (by about 10 times!).  It cost me 110 Mexican pesos (approximately $10 USD) and the ride was very comfortable, so comfortable that I fell asleep for most of it.

My itchy feet had been scratched once more and before I knew it I was on board my US Airways flight to Vancouver via Phoenix, Az. 

Adiós México. Gracias por algunos maravillosos recuerdos!

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