Tuesday, 23 June 2009

... Peru: She Can Be Taught!

Today was a day of learning things....

Today I learnt that Peruvian time is about quadruple what you actually think it is. So, if someone says "5 minutes" then expect that to mean at least a minimum of 20.

Today I learnt that when Peruvians strike they really strike!  A looming strike scheduled for tomorrow means that we are having to change our plans.  This is because the roads are expected to be barricaded & closed meaning that if we were to try to drive back to our start point in Kiswarani we are probably not going to get very far. We are actually starting our trek tonight from Patakancha and doing our Lares Trek hike in reverse.

Today I learnt that trying to run up mountains when you are already at least 11000 ft above sea level is going to kick you up your arse. But I still did it anyway because I am a freak of nature. We had our "intro hike" at Pisaq where we saw the first of our Inca ruins. The fascinating thing about these are the fact that they are literally built into the mountainside and half way up.  The views were, as you can imagine, amazing!

I am currently in Ollantaytambo, a rural village in the Sacred Valley.  Try saying that name after a few pisco sours. I can't even spell it unless I look it up. Surprisingly it has internet albeit slow.  It is dominated by a massive Inca fortress consisting of huge steep terraces that deserved a good yomp around all whilst my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest.  Apparently it is one of the few places where the Spanish conquisitors lost a major battle.  If Pisaq was impressive then this was just breathtaking... literally.

It is our last point of civilization before I head out into the wilderness. No crackberry, no internet, no crackbook, no shower, no bed... the list goes on.  I'm currently dressed in x2 pants, a sport top, long sleeved shirt, t shirt, fleece, jacket, scarf, hat & two pair of gloves waiting for a bus to take me to Patakancha which was due to arrive 20 minutes ago....

The adventure continues.....

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