Thursday, 25 June 2009

... Peru: Lares Trek Day 2

I didn't sleep very well last night and awoke with a killer migraine.  My head was spinning and I tossed & turned most of the night.  I also felt like my sinuses were about to implode in my face. It froze overnight too, although for most part I was warm in my sleeping bag.  My tent mate woke up with part of her face swollen so with the pair of us our tent could've been aptly named the Geriatric Tent. 

I was up just before 0700hrs and greeted with a very bright & warm sunshine.  The area where we had camped was indeed beautiful... now if only I could shake this feeling that I wanted to die so that I could enjoy it.  Imitrex to the rescue! The migraine was probably due to the altitude. I ditched the sarochi pills so that I could start knocking back the 400mg ibuprofens!  We enjoyed breakfast in the sunshine then it was time to be on our way again through the beautiful Andean Mountains, lush valleys & little villages.  I keep expecting to bump into Gollum at any moment!

Lunch was at a place called Chankachaka.  Trust me, I am NOT making any of these names up.  It started to drizzle not long after but that didn't dampen our spirits, no pun intended.  We didn't have too much further to go to reach Lares and I actually ran the last part of the trek.  Don't ask me why... I can't even really blame the altitude. *someone whispers "Little Miss A Type"*

Our camp for the night was on the grounds of a hot springs just outside of Lares town.  Just how soothing was it to dip your feet into those!?!  Had I had something more appropriate to wear then I might have actually gone in.  I think though that some of us were more excited at the prospect of real toilets!  We took a trip down into Lares town to take a look around. We had been given 30 minutes to explore and I think we were all back at the bus with 20 minutes left.  If that doesn't scream "There's bugger all to see" then I don't know what does.

It was a member of the group's birthday today and so we had a little celebration during dinner complete with some far too sweet wine & some Peruvian beer.  Our cooks even made a cake without an oven and it was pretty damn tasty too!

The trek has been truly amazing - the sights, the experiences, the simple yet tasty Peruvian food that our cooks have whipped up every meal time.  But, I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed tomorrow night....

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