Saturday, 20 June 2009

... Peru: Itchy Feet Have Landed

I'm finally in Lima Peru after, by my standards, an uneventful trip down. I was at YVR by 0600hrs and in the air by 0800hrs on a United jet. I had some snobby cow sat next to me who after bitching & moaning loudly enough for everyone to hear decided to move - the row in front of the emergency exits our seats didn't recline & she didn't like this.  Gimme a break. Anyway that meant an empty seat next to me so I could contort myself into a space just a tad smaller than a typical Vancouver condo and snooze! Winner!

LAX had its usual gongshow shenanigans. Y'know I don't think I have EVER been able to fly through that airport without being frustrated along with 1000's of other like-minded travellers. I took the shuttle bus to get to my connecting terminal and then joined the queue that basically looped-the-loop back around itself because there were TWO LAN flights to Lima, Peru departing within about 25mins of each other and both on big planes. Lots of mutterings from travellers in the same situ as me pondering why on earth we had to do this even though our bags were checked all the way through!?! After queuing for about what seemed like the longest hour ever (I know I'm British but even I have my limits), I was approached by some official and taken to a "fast queue". Now we're talking! Of course though they had messed up my Vegan meal, which isn't really their fault but United's who should have told me when I called them that I also needed to call LAN.

In my so-called infinite wisdom I decided to risk being told "food & drink on the 'other side'" by some Airport bloke and queue up to go through security (again) instead of trying to find something eat prior (not that there was much in the way of options).  Of course there was only one bloody crappy place to eat and I couldn't eat any of it! So I bought a turkey salad wrap. I don't even eat turkey! I picked out the meat & ate the so-called "salad". It was awful and I threw most of it away whilst chanting some voodoo hex on the person who told me there were "restaurants". And whatever was in the dressing made me puke. Nice!

I was pretty impressed with LAN, even though I was sat basically at the back of the bus.  I was actually warm on a plane for once and the blanket (a rarity in itself these days) I had was soooo cosy.  Another thing they provided you with was REAL cutlery! I fell asleep as we pushed back from the gate waking briefly during take off and then on a few other occasions momentarily. But, for most part, I slept like a log having perfected the art of sleeping upright: head not tilted too much to cause embarassing droolage, bum numbage at a minimum, maximum zzz's obtained!  

We landed in Lima 15 minutes early.  I don't know about you but I find it a litle bit disconcerting when the entire plane erupts into rapturous applause after we touchdown?!?!  Is this because the pilot actually did his job well meaning that on other occasions he's fallen short of this achievement? Hmmm.

Getting my luggage was a bit of a wait... it seemed to take forever and at one point I was panicking that perhaps my bag was still in LAX. But it was there, I just think they walk to the beat of a slower relaxed drum down here..

And now I sit here in my funky hostel in the middle of the night after an interesting drive. Picture if you will a conversation between a Lancashire lass with a hint of Canuck and a Peruvian in (terrible) Spanish about Lady Gaga.  I kid you not!

Welcome to Peru! The adventures start here!.... after some shut eye perhaps... and a trip to Starbucks in the morning.

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