Thursday, 6 November 2008

... Central America: Volcano Virgin

I've arrived in La Fortuna at the foot of the very active Volcán Arenal. How do I know it's active? I have seen it jut out several spurts of steam & smoke - which was just amazing to watch even from a distance.  This sucker is big, active and green... and you probably don't want to make it angry. You wouldn't like it when it's angry.

I have still yet to ride the camioneta but don't you worry I will be getting quite intimate with Central American public transport cooped up like a chicken for most of the journey including some 12hr travel days. This means that today's journey in a private mini-bus was sweet! Even with a breakfast stop and a few photo ops we still made it in about 3hrs as opposed to 4-5!  Woo hoo. It was a gorgeous journey too through lush green forests and over wild rivers.

Tonight I am heading out to Arenal on a night hike to see the lava flows followed by a dip in the Baldi hot springs.  I kind of feel like I am in the midst of the movie Dante's Peak. The great thing about my group is that there is a Volcanologist travelling with us. She is really cool & interesting to talk to - I fully plan on picking at her brain this evening because I am a self-confessed geek. You can imagine how excited she is to be checking out the Volcano tonight.

Tomorrow is my only full day here before I move onto Monteverde. So with that in mind I'm doing a 7 hour white water rafting trip down the Rio Toro, with class 3/4 rapids! Might as well do adrenaline rush properly if I am going to do it at all! I can't wait - I have that nervous excited feeling in my stomach.

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