Friday, 14 November 2008

... Central America: Sweet Jaysus!

Granada, described as 'The goose that laid Nicaragua's golden egg', has some excellent attractions. However, in my 2 days/3 nights here I have found that one of the best attractions has simply been the city. How does one go about doing that? You do some good old walking and then park yourself in the plaza where you can watch just how the city folk tick. That has been today's order of the day after some mighty fine blueberry pancakes at 'Kathy's Waffle House'. A few days of R&R does everyone the world of good and is a nice break before I pick up the pace again in the days ahead.

Granada is Nicaragua's oldest colonial city founded in 1524. Apparently Captain Henry Morgan, the notorious British pirate (arrr! shiver me timbers) immortalised now in the form of spiced rum, sacked Granada of half a million quid back in 1665 and that's a fair amount of moolah!

Walking around viewing the rich colours of the colonial buildings in the sun is a wonderful way to whittle away a lot of time. Just when you think you have seen it all you stumble upon another street that has you thinking 'But I was sure I had seen it all?'

The cathedral and plaza (Parque Central) form the centre of the city. Calle La Calzada, which also happens to be where my hotel resides, is a very pretty street that basically runs through the plaza and down to the dock at the lake. It's also the most touristy too - would you believe there is an Irish bar?!?

And that's where I am headed right now because it does a damn fine toasted sesame seed bagel and some very lush smoothies! Then it's some more people watching for the rest of the afternoon via a quick trip to pick up some laundry (after a while the 'this took 3 days to dry' smell of handwashed clothes just doesn't do it for me). A perfect way to enjoy my last day in Granada.

Tomorrow sees the first of 2x 12 hour travel days. We will travel across the Nicaraguan border into Honduras with an overnight stay in the capital Tegucigalpa (interestingly home to one of the most dangerous airports in the world!) before we press onto the truly tropical paradise of Utila!

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