Wednesday, 19 November 2008

... Central America: Sink or Swim?

For the third day in a row the ferry isn't running between here and the Mainland. This is not a good thing. We're supposed to be on a bus right now headed for Copán Ruinas and we're obviously not.

The rumour mill is as follows:
1). The weather around La Ceiba sucks and so the waves just out of the harbour are too big for the Utila Princess to handle (thinking back to my dingy/QE2 analogy that wouldn't be so hard to believe).
2). The engine that was dying on us during our crossing is now well n' truly dead and the Utilans in their infinite wisdom decided to sell their other ferry because they are getting a new one. Unfortunately the sold it before the new one arrived and the new one still isn't ready. If this rumour is true then it will be Monday before it is fixed. Unfortunately this is not at all good for me.

'As this goes to press' our tour leader is waiting for the airline office to open. The one thing that could be our saviour (and not screw up the rest of my trip) is that Utila does have an airport and there are flights between here and La Ceiba. It'll be about an extra US$27 on top of what I would've paid for the ferry. A small price to pay me thinks.

Other than that may be I should be getting back into my scuba gear and swimming back to La Ceiba? Or hop onto the Banana boat (there really was a boat that brought a load of bananas!) that is currently docked at the port.

The rest of my diving yesterday was absolutely fantastic! I saw a Hawksbill turtle, a sting ray, huge sea slugs, a very large dogtooth snapper that lives underneath a wreck, a King crab, conch and an octopus moving across the sand. On the night dive I aslo saw bioluminescence and was nibbled at by these fish that glow in the dark. Add to that little list lots of coral & brightly coloured fish. I guess if I am stuck here another day or two of diving wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing....

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