Saturday, 22 November 2008

... Central America: Oh Maya!

The island of Flores on Lake Petén Itzá and it's suburb of Santa Elena have been my base whilst I have visited Tikal. It's a very pretty little place with its cobbled stoned streets and brightly coloured buildings. It also has some rather awesome views, like the sunset I watched last night before I went for a well deserved dinner after my temple cardio workout.

Flores is believed to be the last major functioning Maya ceremonial centre and it was covered in pyramids and temples, with idols everywhere. Alas Spanish soldiers destroyed everything and no trace remains. Still it has been very relaxing to wander around the streets in my short time here at an atypical-Nic slow pace as my trip begins to wind itself down.

I had a very lush seabass dish last night at La Luna before I headed back to my cute little hotel to finally get some sleep. The walk back saw me trying to fend off pimped out tuk-tuks offering me a ride. May be I looked really travel weary or something because there isn't anywhere around here that you cannot walk to! I have basically explored the entire island without breaking out into a sweat. That is not a complaint though either.

Interestingly the bingo hall across the road from my hotel has a guard that stands outside 24/7 with a huge semi. Damn those pesky Bingo bandits!

I catch my flight back to Guate City later this afternoon for my final night in Central America!

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