Tuesday, 18 November 2008

... Central America: Leaving Only Bubbles

Thanks to all of you who prayed to the Mayan Weather Gods!  It worked!

I was so excited about today that I have been awake since 5am. Today was my Christmas Day. It had FINALLY stopped raining, the wind had dropped and even the Sun is trying to put in a guest appearance.  It is hard to believe that the day before we arrived on this Island that they had had over 2 weeks of glorious sunshine. I really would like it to come back even if only until I step off that return ferry boat ride in La Ceiba early tomorrow morning.

I now have dives logged into my diving computer that are at temperatures of more than 50ºF! A water temperature of 82ºF at 90 ft will probably continue to blow my mind for the next few days. And I didn't have to wear a super thick wetsuit/drysuit, gloves or a hood either. This was all quite a shock to the system let me tell you. Then you add to that little lot the fact that I had 30-40 ft of viz! WELCOME TO WARM WATER DIVING NIC!

I am sat here still in a bit of a ecstatic daze at what I have seen so far (and I still have a dive this afternoon and then a night dive!).  I don't know the names for hardly any of what I have seen so will describe it as thus follows: lots of very bright coloured fish and lots of weird & wonderful coral!  Oh but I did see a golden spotted moray eel I can tell you that much. If you were here with me now in person you might describe me as effervescent although I assure you there ain't no gas escaping from me. I am just literally bubbling over with excitement, although I do this every time I dive! Today was just extra special because it was the first time I've ever been diving in a tropical destination - it has already been logged into my Diving Logbook. I have got some great underwater shots thanks to the use of Maurice's camera which I can't wait to upload. Unfortunately I did notice that wetsuits still aren't sexy no matter where you dive!?!

Utila is back in my good books...  and I'm heading back to the water...

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