Tuesday, 4 November 2008

... Central America: Houston, We Have A Problem!

I'm wondering if I am a magnet for 'crazy'!?!

After an uneventful flight (the best kind, right?), the vast majority of it spent either sleeping or talking to the Guatemalan girl sat next to me, I met 'Stu' from Calgary.  I happened to meet Stu just as I saw him trip and plant his face into the walkway thingy coming off the plane.  I heard the crunch. Then I saw the blood and LOTS of it. I swear to God I have never seen a nose bleed quite like it. It went everywhere. He was a stubborn old bugger too. 'No Stu stay where you are, lean forward and pinch the top of your nose' to his 'I'll be OK - I'm *hic* gonna go get my flight'. I never thought I'd be yelling out 'Can someone get me a paramedic and some ice?!?' whilst telling a dazed & bleeding 62 year old what to do in terms of First Aid.

62 year old Stu was steaming drunk. He reeked like a brewery. Afterwards the Captain & I were guessing that he'd probably had quite a few before he boarded, a few whilst in-flight and probably snuck something on too. Stu has probably broken his nose. But we stopped the bleeding eventually despite the 'Stu, stop blowing your nose sweetheart' *blow* 'for the umpteenth time' *blow* and a lady from Continental came to take my name. 'Make sure you go & see her when all this is over' said the Captain. I jokingly asked if this meant I would be getting a free flight....

... I fly down to San José in just over 2 hours in FIRST CLASS and have a $100 voucher to redeem on any Continental flight within the next year (United Airlines take note!). Stu however will not be making his 1600hrs flight to Liberia....

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