Monday, 24 November 2008

... Central America: Home Sweet Home!

I got back home all safe n' sound just after midnight, greeted by a huge pile of mail (bills & junk mainly) and an even bigger pile of laundry when I eventually open my backpack. The only thing that is currently missing is my little girl Gracie whom I will go & pick up from her boarding later today, and some food in my fridge. I really hope my cat doesn't have long term memory and hates me for sending her away for 3 weeks!

My trip was truly fantastic and I hope that my posts reflected that? I thoroughly recommend you all go and get some itchy feet like I did! Because you never know where they might take you. Possibly on a 3 week whirlwind tour of 4 beautiful countries!?! Traveling kicks some serious arse! This trip rocked and I shall be posting many many many pictures from my travels onto crackbook for those who can to peruse... eventually... once I get some sleep & get back to Vancouver life - at least for a little while before I go travelling again. I guess I could start on that by actually going to bed....

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