Tuesday, 4 November 2008

... Central America: Do You Know How To Land In San José?

I'm finally here! Feeling pretty bagged but what can I say, first class IS the way to travel! I had so much room I could've probably snuck one of you on with me and hid you under the seat in front of me. We would've made it work somehow.
We landed on time at 2145hrs after it seemed like we bounced down the runway at SJO.  It is raining but oh my God is it humid. Apparently SJO is the only airport in the world (according to a couple who were sat next to me) where you have to send all your luggage through x-ray when you EXIT!?!  Still all-in-all I got through customs/baggage reclaim/x-ray very quickly and was soon in a little red Toyota Echo taxi bound for my hotel.

My taxi driver drove like I do.

He probably thought I was a little weird when, after a journey of silence, I started suddenly giggling. The reason?  Amid all the Central American signage was a bloody Denny's!

And now a huge king size bed awaits me! The real fun starts tomorrow with a day of exploring downtown San José!

PS These Central American keyboards are weird!

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