Sunday, 23 November 2008

... Central America: Best Laid Plans...

... need to actually be successfully executed and I kind of failed with that one when it came to my final night in Central America and more specifically Guatemala City. I didn't actually leave my hostel from the minute I arrived here basically because I had no desire to!

This isn't because I was scared of venturing out into the dark streets of Guate City but because my fellow guests & myself were too engaged chatting with Joe, the American who owns what is really more a lovely guest house than your typical hostel, and his lovely Guatemalan wife Anna for about 4 hours. Not to mention eating his wonderful homecooked food & desserts!

So as far as being able to tell you anything about the city....erm.... STAY HERE if you do come and you won't be disappointed. Plus it is super close to the airport too - I am literally a minute away but the airport isn't actually all that busy for it to be an issue noise-wise and meant I got to stay in bed longer this morning.

The multi level house is in Zona 13, one of the nice neighbourhoods in Guatemala City. I have a huge room and bathroom to myself gorgeously decorated with Guatemalan prints & weavings. I feel like I have known these two gracious hosts forever, not a couple hours.

And so my trip is almost at an end. I fly home to Vancouver early this afternoon via Houston with hopefully a little less excitement than my flight down here. I am actually very happy to be going home: it's time and the duration of my trip was just about right.

What I will miss: Ursula's laugh, helping Aoife find her earrings, John's impromptu guitar playing and the shared looks when we endured yet another one of JP's 'sad FM' romantic CD's, Maurice's random classic quips, Zarah's passion for volcanoes, Cuong's daring to try weird food products & then share it with the rest of us, Ken's miracle itch cream that we all ended up borrowing, Maren's candies stashed at the bottom of her bag, Liz's singing on those loooooong bus rides, Belinda's understanding for the need for java, Heidi's bright positive attitude, Juan-Pablo's shiny white perfect teeth (we all need Guatemalan dental plans!), the chicken bus experience, volcano hikes, diving in tropical waters, cloud forests, ignoring my fear of heights, swimming in water rapids, papaya, awesome porridge made even better than the way I like it, paradise by the lake, wonderful colonial towns, diving in water with temperatures vastly greater than 50 degrees, exploring mystical Maya ruins, great food, playing 'what is your porno name?' and other wacky games on long travel days, the Central American pace of doing things, waking up to the sound of tropical birds & waves crashing, lush fish dishes, getting a fit of giggles whilst on the back of a galloping horse, attempting to speak Spanish, great tasting coffee, Pura Vida!... blogging!

What I won't miss: the toilet sanitary system, cold showers (although nice when it was hot), Carribean ferry crossings, garbage dumped in the street, the same garbage set on fire (that's recycling for ya!), chicken buses (you love to hate them), Tegucigalpa, big guns everywhere you look, long bum-numbing bus rides, not being able to use tap water to drink/brush my teeth, mosquitos and other 'I like the taste of you so I'm going to bite you' bugs, scorpions, the terrible roads, rain on my Island paradise, heated powdered milk (it's just so wrong), beans cooked in pork fat (it ain't vegetarian!), ants crawling on the walls of your room, anti-malarial tablets (although I have another 4 weeks to go), wearing DEET (it makes me feel like my skin is going to melt off), convincing myself that a packet of wild berry skittles is a meal and 5 hour layovers at Houston when all I want to do is get home...

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